HMZ Film is published in UK’s number one horror entertainment magazine


Scream Issue 22I am delighted to announce that I have been published in UK’s leading horror entertainment magazine, SCREAM. The bi-monthly publication is available now in UK HMV stores nationwide and is shipped internationally. To subscribe and find out more, visit the official Scream website.

The first part of my exploratory article has been printed in Scream magazine’s twenty second issue and is entitled the ‘The Legacy of an Iconic Monster: The Life and Times of Freddy Krueger’. The second half of my analysis will be published in Issue 23 in March 2014.

Fans of the Elm Street franchise will revel in nostalgia as I have explored the genesis of Krueger, assessed tFreddy articlehe monster’s character development in each of the nine Elm street films and sought to contextualise the villain’s lofty position in the horror hall of fame.

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